The Importance of Windows

Very common choice among the buyers of the windows is the sunscreen glass. It has the ability to reduce the transmitted light. This type of glass is divided into two main groups, namely: colour glass and reflective glass. The first type of glass could be coloured as a whole and it can be green, blue, etc. The second type of sunscreen glass has a thin layer of metal compounds.

Most experts recommend the use of this type of glass mainly for glazing of buildings and premises, where can be encountered great use of air conditioners. As to the reflective glass, it can be reflexive, or stopsol. Due to its specific properties, these types are not mentioned, but undoubtedly they could do a great job for the sun protection purposes.

Another very popular type of windows is the laminated glazing – Triplex. It`s made by connecting and combining two or more layers of generally transparent elements. The technology of the laminated glass consists of putting a special coating layer between the other parts of the windows. Most often it`s polyvinyl butyrate. Glass processing is carried out by mechanical process. One of the biggest advantages of the laminated glass production is the prevention against possible breakage, as the intermediate layer retains two sheets of glass and it gets more strength.

This could be a guarantee against burglary, which is very common nowadays. Furthermore, the laminated glass improves greatly sound insulation properties. Meanwhile, the laminated windows block 99% of UV rays.

Surely, you can argue that if there`s any chance of stopping people`s curiosity and attention, this could be the greatest advantage of any types of windows. Everything depends on customers` preferences and mainly on the type of building, where the windows are installed. In many brochures and ads you can find the details of all types of windows, as indicated price and their individual characteristics.

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