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If the walls of the windows have not yet been plastered - do not remove the pads between the masonry and frame - they ensure flawless functioning of the wings of the window and they should not be removed. The pads should remain in the plaster.

After completing the installation, please clean the bottom frame using a vacuum cleaner with a peaked nozzle. Any metal shavings left over from the installation can cause the appearance of rust.

After installing the windows you can remove the protective film (tape). In any further repairs in order to protect the windows against contamination, you should use the foils recommended by the manufacturer of the windows.


Quality hardware has been installed on your purchased windows. Beware, that the handle of the window to be always in a vertical position (up / down) or horizontally.

Leaving the handle in an intermediate position can cause a wrong opening (with the exception of cases, in which is mounted a special casing, providing a slot for ventilation). It may happen, that in the upper opening position of the sash the same can be rotated on a vertical axis. Do not be afraid! The so-called "scissors" of hardware retain the wing at the top. Move the handle up (position of the upper opening), close the window and then turn the handle in a horizontal position (open along a vertical axis).

Sash, according to the type of the fitting should be closed always as follows:

  • Closed - handle vertically downwards;
  • fully open - handle horizontally;
  • ventilation - the handle straight up - only when the wing has a combined hardware.

For proper functioning of windows` moving parts (hardware), they should be lubricated with oil (acid-free) at least twice a year.

Never, however, lubricate the following items:

  • camps sliding hardware;
  • backs of the hinges and fittings for the double plane opening;

Do not hang anything (except the blinds provided for the purpose, with a certain weight) on the window casement - this may lead to difficulty closing, creep and other problems.

There are many options for choosing the perfect type of windows for our homes.

In order to ease your choice, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Which are better: plastic, aluminium, wooden or steel windows?

* Plastic (PVC) windows are the cheapest alternative for your home windows, due to their price and minimum maintenance. Quality plastic windows could be kept in a great shape for decades to come, before you replace them with the next generation of sophisticated windows. If you do not like the white colour, you have many choices - for example wood imitation colour or another. It`s a matter of and aesthetics after all.

The problem with this type of windows could be the limitations, given by the providers, in terms of dimensions and weights of the open elements of the windows. Be considerate with the offers you get by the sellers. Pay particular attention to the most important part of the procedure described in the offer window: type points and lock hardware, and type of reinforcement, used in the profiles. Do not underestimate the type of installation – the number of anchors or joinery details, used for the shape of the windows and the perimeter around them.

The aluminium windows are extremely durable and strong

* The aluminium windows are suitable for homes with modern design and they are used for homes with large glazed elements. Support is hardly necessary, as long as it is made with good quality system and by a well established manufacturer. There are no restrictions for the colours, used for such frames. The wishes of the designers about the size and type of opening could be also justified. Sometimes the choice of such windows is mainly a question of prestige and opportunity.

The steel windows are used for large windows and they are practically stainless.

* The steel frames, used for windows are dedicated for connoisseurs, with regard to their application for homes. Their price on the market is significantly higher than the best aluminium and plastic windows. In some cases, the steel frames remain without an alternative - because they are made from stainless steel and they appeared to be suitable for large windows and very serious opening units.

Aluminium is the most popular choice for double glazing to mid 80`s, when it has around 60% of the market share. Since the advent of PVC windows on the market, however, the market share of aluminum windows started to fail. Since 2003rd less than 17% of sales of windows are aluminium made. There are many reasons to explain the decline in its popularity - and there are some very good reasons for choosing aluminum windows instead of PVC or wooden ones.

Aluminium windows are fire-and earthquake-resistant. They are very resistant to temperature changes.

Aluminium as a material does not change over the years. You can even sell it for around a third of its original price if you want to change your windows for good.

The aluminium is a preferred material for interior doors, as it requires a lot cheaper hardware, than it is required for doors, made of PVC.

Aluminium is so strong that it can be used for making roofs, facades, winter gardens and many more. The strength of the material makes it preferable in the construction of protective doors and fire barriers, and many others structures in which the strength of the material is of very great importance for their resistance.

PVC windows are another great option for your home as the windows` profile is made of a material with a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, than aluminium ones. Therefore aluminum profile retains less heat than PVC windows. Let`s put it this way - because of its low thermal conductivity, the PVC profile helps avoid condensation helps keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summertime.

50% of the thermal losses of a house, come from the walls, floors and ceilings, and the other 50% come exactly from the windows.