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Sunday, 28 July 2013 19:57

The Advantages of the PVC Windows

The PVC windows and frames have advantages, which are unbeaten, when comparing with the other types of windows` profiles, such as wood and aluminium. These are:

  • Economy
  • Insulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy maintenance


Our homes lose up to 37% of the heat, due to poorly insulated windows. Professional placement and quality PVC windows guarantee, that you could reduce the loss up to 2 times.


The degree of insulation depends on the type of the glass, its thickness and the distance between the panes.

Soundproofing Effect

For better soundproofing results the best manufacturers of the windows use profile systems with 3, 4 and 6 cameras that provide good insulation of window systems.

Attractive Appearance

PVC profiles, which are used have modern design. This adds sophistication and elegance of the final products and allows various configurations for the interior design of the house. The companies offer white, colored or imitation wood PVC windows, and add of large assortment of laminated profiles.

Easy Maintenance

For cleaning windows it`s highly recommended to use sponges and soft tissue fibers and special ingredients that easily remove dirt from the surface of the PVC profiles, for the folds, windowsills and visors. For quality wash you can use plain soap solution.


Use of detergent with highly abrasive elements is not recommended for plastic and glass surfaces. For better and more effective cleaning of your PVC windows, please read the instructions carefully and use the recommended detergents. In compliance with the basic rules of maintenance of PVC windows they will serve you longer and you will be satisfied with its flawless appearance for decades to come.

It`s easy to get what you want, as you can find the best options for PVC windows on the market. PVC is forever and you will be fully satisfied with the best material for windows money can buy.

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Aluminium is the most popular choice for double glazing to mid 80`s, when it has around 60% of the market share. Since the advent of PVC windows on the market, however, the market share of aluminum windows started to fail. Since 2003rd less than 17% of sales of windows are aluminium made. There are many reasons to explain the decline in its popularity - and there are some very good reasons for choosing aluminum windows instead of PVC or wooden ones.

Aluminium windows are fire-and earthquake-resistant. They are very resistant to temperature changes.

Aluminium as a material does not change over the years. You can even sell it for around a third of its original price if you want to change your windows for good.

The aluminium is a preferred material for interior doors, as it requires a lot cheaper hardware, than it is required for doors, made of PVC.

Aluminium is so strong that it can be used for making roofs, facades, winter gardens and many more. The strength of the material makes it preferable in the construction of protective doors and fire barriers, and many others structures in which the strength of the material is of very great importance for their resistance.

PVC windows are another great option for your home as the windows` profile is made of a material with a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, than aluminium ones. Therefore aluminum profile retains less heat than PVC windows. Let`s put it this way - because of its low thermal conductivity, the PVC profile helps avoid condensation helps keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summertime.

50% of the thermal losses of a house, come from the walls, floors and ceilings, and the other 50% come exactly from the windows.

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